Marcella Williams

Marcella Williams started CDL Focus in 2015. “I wanted to prove that I could help people in corporate jobs to transition to become entrepreneurs. I decided to do something that I always wanted to do and that was to become a truck driver. I saw an opportunity after hearing the limited options of either going to truck driving school or sign up with a company and drive their trucks. So, I decided to buy my own truck and offer a third unique option for CDL drivers that want to renew their license.”

When asked what she believes sets CDL Focus apart, Marcella explains, “CDL Focus has the ability to strengthen the trucking industry by reintroducing experienced and competent drivers. We believe in giving second chances and opportunities. Our competitive advantage is that we’re the only company like this in Nevada. My goals are to franchise the business and expand in the United States.”

Her advice to small business owners is, “Dream big and look forward. If it seems impossible, break it down into smaller tasks. Move through each item to ensure compliance, licensing, and purpose are part of your goals. Use the Nevada Women’s Business Center as a resource. Their expertise and wisdom offer so much clarity. When I started, I had lofty goals. They helped me to hone-in on certifications, my target customer, and funding opportunities.”

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